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I’m trying to integrate OpenID authentication with my web application using Spring Security. It isn’t being straightforward because I’m also in the process of learning the SpringFramework and Apache Tapestry. Depending on the dedication I’m able to put into his matter it will take a lesser or a longer time. I’ll post my evolution here on this blog.

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I’m developing a web application using Apache Tapestry, SpringFramework and Hibernate. I’m new to all these technologies.

I was having a problem accessing database because whenever I tried to use my DAO classes I got a NullPointerException. The reason was that the sessionFactory variable was null.

I searched lot’s of thread forums and they always pointed to the configuration of the application, something the I reviewed over and over again using provided examples. It took me 2 days of work to find out why this was happening. That’s the price you pay for being a newbie.


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