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This is a technical blog but I cannot refrain myself from letting my thoughts out regarding the latest action from the Spanish government which affects me.

With the excuse of reducing the countries Oil dependence, the speed limit has been reduced from 120 km/h to 110 km/h.

What annoys me the most is that it’s always the people who face the consequences. I don’t like to pay for diesel and I’d be more than happy to buy at least an hybrid car but, where are they? Instead of putting pressure on car builders to build greener cars, the Spanish government makes me drive slower.

Another excuse is that it will reduce the number of car accidents and that it won’t affect a trip’s time that much. Unfortunately I don’t share none of these views. Driving slower at freeways will increase the sleep effect and also of the “where are the speed cameras?”.

Occasionally I drive from Madrid to Lisbon to meet with my family. I tend to do this journeys by night to make it easier on my child, after all being sit for more than 5 hours on a chair is not easy to anyone. My next trip will be done a lot slower and it will take me an extra 30 minutes to finish it. One thing is certain, I’ll spend less diesel, it may also be a lot less if I fall asleep along the way…

I’d rather spend some money and install an Integrated Electric Rear Axle Drive, or something similar, on my VW Touran, if only it was available, and be able to drive at 140 km/h, than be forced to drive slower.

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