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Another proof that our concerns about Google Buzz privacy issues where right is the new updates they’ve made to it. Fortunately for us GOOG is really interested in Buzz’s acceptance so they’re being very quick in taking our feedback. The latest Official GMail Blog post GOOG talks about “A new Buzz start-up experience based on your feedback” where the major issue raised, which is Followers Publication, is addressed. On this upgraded version there’s a new tab in the GMail settings where you can manage Buzz’s settings. Auto following is also reviewed. It is now a manual process where you choose exactly who you want to follow. GOOG also states that in the next couple weeks they’ll be showing a similar version of this new start-up experience to the people who have already started Buzz to give them a second chance to review and confirm the people they’re following.

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It seems that Google has acknowledged this privacy problem and in their latest GMail blog post they announce a small change on the Buzz profile set-up which aims to make “…this option more prominent in the set up process, to ensure everyone who wanted to hide these lists can do so easily.” (GMail Blog post URL: http://bit.ly/b3sPWn ).

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