We have the options of Select Value and Classification for the Asset field in the Create Service Request application, what is the advantage of using Classification over Select value? Continue Reading »

Overview of Job Plans, PM, Work orders, work order generation process, job plan sequence, PM counter, job plans on PM generated work orders, and DEMO.

via IBM Job Plans in Preventive Maintanance – United States.

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IBM AddUser utility is hardcoded for MXServer in the mxe.name section of the maximo.properties file. – United States http://bit.ly/ihm5vb

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Maximo Asset Management 7.5 is out.
All resources such as the Installation Instructions, the Quick Start Guide and existing Release Notes for this product are available at the IBM Site (http://bit.ly/lCVGEl).

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Audience: Customers, Level 2 & 3 Support, Services, GTS, ITD, GBS, Business Partners and Sales


This STE will cover:
– Understanding the products and versions needed to upgrade Maximo.
– Verified process of upgrading through each stage of the process.
– Error handling strategies and getting help.

Date: May 11, 2011
10:00 AM Eastern US

Presented by: Edward Winchester

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Is there a way to define commonly used services that can be associated with purchase orders and work orders?

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How to migrate the Assets/CI from the TPM to the TSRM.

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