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I’ve just installed VMWare Server on Ubuntu 7.10 – the Gutsy Gibbon and it couldn’t have been simpler.

First of all download the latest VMWare Server edition (the one I installed was 1.0.4 and I’ve downloaded the tar.gz file).

Before installing VMWare prepare your build environment:

aptitude install linux-headers-`uname -r` build-essential
aptitude install xinetd

Extract the tar.gz to any folder and execute the installation script:


Accept all the default setting checking each one of them. After filling your license VMWare is ready to go.

When at first I tried to run a virtual machine I had previously built, and which I had on a NTFS file system, that virtual machine didn’t run. Checking the logs at /var/log/vmware I found the following error message:

Failed to allocate page for guest RAM!

Searching on Google about this problem I found the solution which was to add to the following line to the vmx configuration file:


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